Program loader for the DSP56002EVM

This utility transfers cld program files from your PCto the DSP56002evm via the serial port. 


  • Get an AT29C256 eeprom and put it in the evm eeprom socket.
  • Load DLCLD.CLD with the evm debugger and start it with GO 40. This will program your eeprom with the loader code. 
  • Connect your PC to the SCI port (called 'Host' on the DSP board). Don't forget to place the jumpers (J8) on the DSP board! 
  • Press the reset button on the DSP and load your application program (e.g. program.cld) with DLCLD -c1 program.cld.  The parameter -c1 specifies COM1 on the PC. For Windows NT, you can use DLCLD32.

Transfer speed is 38400 baud.
DOS and Windows NT versions 
Java version for Windows NT with JDK 1.1.2

Last change: 7.Jul.1997