Flexnet drivers

General information about Flexnet can be found at the Flexnet homepage

Driver for the DSP56002EVM (version 0.3)

    + This driver is slightly outdated.
    + Please use the PTT interface published at www.tapr.org

Driver for the YAM modem (Version 1.8, August 1999)

    + This drivers implements 1K2 AFSK and 9K6 FSK (G3RUH)
    + A description of the YAM modem can be found at Nico's homepage
    (This driver is for the modem hardware version 1.10)
    + A description of the SMD version of the modem can be found here.

Driver for my DSP card with a TMS320C25 processor 

Driver for the Z80182 PC card (not availabel right now)

    A description of this card can be found here.

Driver for the EPP FSK modem (version 0.7, June 1999)

    For a description of this modem look here.

Last change: 19990627