elcome to the homepage of Jürgen Hasch, callsign DG1SCR!

On these pages you will find some radio amateur specific information. Some parts may be only in german.
Any commercial usage of the information contained in these pages is not allowed!
You can reach me via email at hasch@t-online.de.
Last update: September 1999


ATV - Amateur Television
Description of the ATV repeater DB0RIG

Calculation of slotted waveguide antennas
How to build a stacked patch antenna for 23cm

DSP - Digital Signal Processing
Description of my signal processing card with TMS320C26 processor
Bit error rate testing with the DSP56002EVM
Download utility for the DSP56002EVM

Packet Radio

Flexnet L1 drivers and some additional hints
SMD version of the YAM
The HAM59 modem
FSK modem for EPP
PC slot card for highspeed modems
Digipeater DB0ZRB

RIG - Relais-Interessen-Gemeinschaft Göppingen RIG e.V.
Some pictures of our local 2m, 70cm and ATV repeaters.

Talks at the International Packet Radio Meeting in Darmstadt
DSP programming with the TMS320C25 (1995)
DSP modems with the DSP56002EVM (1996)
Bit error rate testing with DSP modems (1997)
Highspeed modem for the EPP (1998)
Intelligent modem adaptor for the PC (1998)

Links to other radio amateur sites:

Nico, IV3NWV
Phil Karn

Homepage of the packet radio software Flexnet
Creator of the YAM modem
Flexnet drivers for DSP modems and sound cards
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Society
Good stuff on modems and coding
Homepage of Adacom e.V.
German amateur radio club


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